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So you've stopped birth control, now what..?

Ready for predictable periods, painless periods, or even prep for healthy conception?

Then you are in the right place…  Get your road map to rebalance your body post birth control. Learn how to use diet and lifestyle tools to establish realistic foundations for healthy hormones.  Finally understand the science of your cycle and strategies for support so you can work with your body vs. against it and feel confident your hormone health is on your side no matter your next steps.

Does this sound like you? 

  • You have struggled with symptoms like acne, headaches, irregular cycles, heavy or painful cycles, mid cycle spotting, mood swings, or missing period post stopping birth control (even if years ago..) and want relief
  • You have been on birth control for 3+ years and are ready to conceive
  • You have struggled trying to conceive (TTC) and want to understand how to prepare the body with female foundations for healthy hormones
  • You have felt overwhelmed with the idea of stopping birth control and supporting your body with alternative contraceptive methods
  • You want to stop birth control, but you are fearful of the unwanted symptoms that led you to BC in the first place popping back up like painful periods, cycle irregularity, acne, mood swings 

It doesn't have to be this way! 

💭 Imagine if...

... you could have painless and predictable cycles

... you were able to learn the tools to get a missing period back post birth control 

... you knew how to enhance your diet and lifestyle to support optimal hormone health 

... you could prevent disruptive PMS symptoms so that you could enjoy your life and social experiences fully without discomfort 

... you were able to stop birth control with out uncomfortable symptoms popping back up 


... you could eat so that you could reduce fatigue and mood swings with your cycle were able to have a cycle without spotting, excessive water retention, heavy or painful flows could finally stop taking days off of work and over the counter anti-inflammatories for your cycle 

... you could track your cycle so that you could optimize fertility outcomes AND fine tune with diet, lifestyle, and supplement modifications when things look off

... you had mentorship and guidance from an expert coach - so you never had to feel disempowered with your cycle again

Want to make this your reality?

The No Birth Control, Now What? live BETA course is your pathway to achieve all of this and more.

It's time to invest in yourself and your future, and get the help you need to have healthy balanced periods, prepare for pregnancy, and resolve PMS symptoms for good.

Let's get started!


So..How Does It Work?

Step 1

Sign up and dig into the pre-course materials.  Doors close when spots fill OR on Friday 11/4 this is also when Module 0 and 1 will be released for watching!

Step 2

Kick off the Live course! Watch the dripped pre-recorded modules with mini videos prior their dedicated 1 hour coaching calls, participate in the private community group, and start collecting your personal tools for progress! Coaching calls will be for Q&A, spot coaching, and discussion - First live call is Wednesday 11/9 - all Live calls will be recorded, but attendance is recommended for YOUR growth! 

Step 3

After 10 weeks, walk away the tools and road map for your hormones to thrive post birth control... and beyond! BONUS: Beta members will have unlimited access to the course moving forward with any future update! Here you can come back and reference any material you want as you need it!

Additional Details:

  • There in total 6 Modules (each containing mini pre recorded videos- over 28 in total!) and 4 Bonus Videos in your private access portal
  • 7 live 1 hour coaching calls for spot coaching, Q&A, and discussion questions to guide you through to dripped content released each week
  • Each live week (week with a call), a new module will be released with 3-6 short (7-20 minute videos) that you can easily watch and rewatch 
  • Each module includes downloadable handouts, activation exercises, resources
  • Private course Facebook community forum - with weekly prompted discussion questions/activations  
  • Pre-course materials include recipes inspiration and supplement considerations specific to your current state (no period, just stopped BC, still on BC, PMS symptoms etc) that you will be able to get through Fullscript, a professional supplement dispensary we use with private clients 
  • Lifetime access to the program including future updates
  • Call Schedule includes 7 live coaching calls and 3 integration weeks over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Christmas Holiday, and New Year - continue to work through materials, converse in the community and of course, enjoy your holiday! 
  • Start Date!
    • Coaching calls are Wednesday nights - the first live coaching call is November 9th (11/9) 
    • Module 0 + 1 will be released 11/5 in preparation for the  11/9 call 
    • Doors close when all 10 spots fill or Friday November 4th (11/4)
  • Wrap up Date!
    • Last live coaching call is at the start of January 
JOIN the BETA No Birth Control, Now What? Course

💻 What does the program include?

The No Birth Control, Now What? Beta group coaching program runs for 10 weeks Live and will cover everything you need to know to about supporting your body and hormone health so you can thrive in whatever your next steps are. 

Whether you have just stopped birth control, are planning to stop, or having been struggling with symptoms post stopping birth control.. this is the NEXT step for you.

MODULE 0:  Building foundations For Women's Health

Addressing where many women go wrong on their hormone health journey and how instead you can create a sustainable path for progress with education, intuition, and self connection.

MODULE 1: Your Body and Birth Control 

How can you support the necessary nourishment with diet, lifestyle, and supplemental tools to navigate possible side effects in the immediate experience and future!

MODULE 2: Eating for Hormone Health

What and how we eat has a big impact on our cycle health and hormones as a whole!  Dig into the foundational tool kit for creating a diet that supports hormone health. Learn what foods are essential to include, what are top priorities when it comes to eating for healthy hormones, and how to avoid common mistakes (where most women go wrong) that strain your metabolism and put pressure on your hormones.

MODULE 3: Lifestyle Support for Hormone Health 

Your daily actions impact the health of your hormones.  Discover essential aspects of your lifestyle to tune into to support healthy hormones post birth control and beyond! From joyful movement, to creating daily practices that combat stress, to sleep and waking routines that give your hormones a boost! Creating a healthy mindset with your health and body is ALSO a part of creating sustainable healthy hormones- this will be a focus too!

MODULE 4: A Healthy Menstrual Cycle

Uncover the 4 phases of the menstrual and how your body shifts throughout those windows.  Leave with a clearer understanding of the flow and function that exists within a healthy natural cycle. Here we will cover cycle tracking, the WHY behind different period problems, and what a healthy cycle should actually look like.

MODULE 5: Navigating Post Pill Symptoms 

Certain symptoms CAN present for women post birth control. Unlock here WHY they might be presenting and HOW you can start to navigate them with awareness and curiosity vs. judgment. Here you can finally uncover how to support symptoms like acne, painful periods, missing periods, bloating, mood swings, and menstrual migraines. 


  • But what if I have PCOS?
  • But what if my period does not come back?
  • But what if DON'T want. to get pregnant?
  • But what if I am Trying To Conceive (TTC) ?

🤩 Plus Get These Amazing Bonuses When You Join Now!

Meal Plans & Inspiration for Each Phase of Your Cycle 

Recipes, shopping guides, and meal plans for EACH phase of your menstrual cycle to support your transition off of birth control and healthy hormones beyond!

Handouts & Activations for Each Module.. + 4 Bonus Video's

Including period Report Card and Cycle/Ovulation Tracking Tools, Tool-kit for Symptomatic Cycles, Meal Planning and Meal Forecasting Templates.  Bonus videos are specific to concerns such as: 

  • But what if I have PCOS?
  • But what if my period does not come back?
  • But what if DON'T want. to get pregnant?
  • But what if I am Trying To Conceive (TTC) ?

Post Birth Control Supplement Set-up 

Get started on the foundational supplements I recommend to my clients post birth control to support their body best in the transition while applying the diet and lifestyle strategies to support long term hormone health 

Meet Your Coach

👋 Hey, I'm Olivia, 

I am a women's health expert and I am obsessed with empowering women in their health so they can show up best and be present in the areas of their life that bring them the most joy.

In my practice I help women with period problems, PCOS, and fertility challenges. Time and time again, I can't help but observe overlapping diet and lifestyle themes that are lacking and creating the present symptomatic experience.

This inspired me to create a set of women's health foundations that I find essential to adopt to promote hormone healing and optimal hormone health moving forward. 

As a functional dietitian, I have successfully helped dozens of women relieve uncomfortable symptoms and hormone related challenges (like infertility) post birth control with these practices. 

I created this program to fill a necessary need, women need to be educated on how to support their body best for healthy hormones so they can feel their best, have predictable painless cycles, eliminate menstrual symptoms,  have awareness around how to prevent pregnancy without birth control,  and of course when ready, be able to conceive with ease. 

Let's nourish your hormones, together!

-Olivia, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP

✅ You ARE a good fit for this beta course if…

• If you are ready to partner with your body in supporting the health of your hormones

• You are ready to adopt diet and lifestyle modifications to support the health of your  hormones and cycle symptoms

• You are open to participating in the community, on the coaching calls, and providing feedback on the course - this also means watching the modules before the live coaching calls! 

• You take responsibility for your own results and understand that no program or coaching will work unless YOU do!


❌ You’re NOT a good fit if…

•You’re not interested in putting time or effort into learning new skills and changing your mindset.

You’re going to bring negative energy and don’t thrive in a group environment.

•You are not ready to make diet and lifestyle modifications to support your symptoms and overall hormone health 

By the end of No Birth Control, Now What? you'll...

Feel clear on how to work with your cycle 

Here you will be educated on the in's and out's of your menstural cycle.  Recognizing what a healthy cycle looks likes, how that correlates with healthy hormones, and how to sustain changes with diet and lifesyle routines.

Have confidence navigating cycle symptoms

You will be able to decode cycle symptoms, understand what they mean, and how to support them with diet, lifestyle, and supplemental tools. 

Have clarity on  the roadmap to build and nourish healthy hormones 

Here you can have a plan to support rebalance and support your hormones with sustainable solutions vs. short term restrictive approaches.  What to get pregnant with ease in the future? Want to feel in partnership with your cycle? What to have solutions to and longstanding relief from cycle symptoms?  This is what we are talking about!

My transformational promise to you...

If you join the No Birth Control, Now What? live BETA  course, you’ll discover the education and road map to support your body post birth control with diet, lifestyle, and supplemental tools... here you can have the pathway to achieve painless and predictable cycles, and a runway for healthy conception when ready!

ok, I'M IN!

Your Investment

HEADS UP! Investing as a founding member in the BETA course, the investment is about 50% of what any future course with this live component will be in the future!  Participating as a founding member you will receive more 1:1 time with me, updates to the course based on your feed back, and additional content based on what is of highest priority to you.  Take note, I am only accepting 10 women into the group so it will be intimate! If you are ready to join, book below! 

Installment Plan

$277 per month

For 3 Months


Monthly Installment

$997 per month

for 4 months

  • 12 Weekly group coaching calls covering the Attract-Convert-Serve method
  • 6 Biweekly Office Hours with Laura
  • 9+ Guest Expert Interviews
  • Private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to program

Single Installment

$697 in full

Cost savings of >$130


🤔 FAQs

Hi, I'm Olivia.

I'm a functional RDN with a passion for helping women take a 360 approach to rebalancing and nourishing their hormones. I absolutely love working with women with PCOS, period, problems and fertility challenges  to help them relieve hormone symptoms and conceive with ease when ready

Unlike other other practitioners who prioritize restriction and rigid diet and lifestyle practices, I take a realistic approach to hormone health so you can find aligned routines that support your body best.. and for the long run!

The truth is, supporting your hormone health post birth control can be incredibly challenging. And if you don't have the tools to support your body  post birth control in reconnecting hormone communication, reducing inflammation, repleting nutrient deficiencies, and supporting the gut microbiota, NOR the diet and lifestyle foundations established in your routines for supporting healthy hormones, I see increased incidences of periods problems, digestive symptoms, acne, fatigue, and challenges trying to conceive. 

That's why I am so excited to create a space for you to adopt the practices to reboot your body post birth control to pave a path for healthy hormones, here you can so achieve regular predictable cycles, painless periods, and when ready a runway for healthy conception. 

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

your friend and coach,


Ok, this sounds like the right fit for me, but I a have a few questions..

Absolutely! Let's connect for a quick call and talk through your questions to make sure investing in NBCNW is the best decision for you at this time.

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