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So you've stopped birth control AND you want to get pregnant, now what..?

This course is for you!

Get your 3 step plan to pregnancy post birth control

Relieve yourself from the fear of fertility challenges and get clear on how to reclaim your fertility to get pregnant.

Does this sound like you? 

  • You are ready to stop the pill, get pregnant and start a family- you feel like your clock is ticking and you want to be as intentional as possible with TTC
  • You have struggled trying to conceive (TTC) and want to understand how to support your hormone health to optimize your fertility 
  • You have family members or friends who have struggled with infertility and want to make sure you can support your bodies innate fertility best 
  • You want to stop birth control to get pregnant, but you are fearful of the unwanted symptoms that led you to BC in the first place popping back up like painful periods, cycle irregularity, acne, mood swings 
  • You have struggled with symptoms like acne, headaches, irregular cycles, heavy or painful cycles, mid cycle spotting, mood swings, or missing period post stopping birth control (even if years ago..) and now are struggling TTC
  • You feel overwhelmed and frustrated with lack of education and guidance related to your fertility challenges- you want support BEFORE you have been struggling to conceive for 12 months.
  • You desire to support your infertility with a root cause approach
  • You are seeking more options for fertility support than IVF, IUI, or medicated cycles. 

It doesn't have to be this way! 

💭 Imagine if... could feel confident and supported in your plan to pregnancy 

... you could avoid expensive and emotionally tolling fertility treatments 

... you could understand how to support your body post pill for healthy cycles and successful conception

... you knew how to enhance your diet and lifestyle to optimize your fertility 

... you were able to stop birth control with out uncomfortable symptoms popping back up like PMS, painful, or heavy periods on your path to conception


... you could track your cycle and use cycle awareness to optimize fertility outcomes could feel confident with a diet, lifestyle, and supplement roadmap for your conception journey

... you could eat to nourish your metabolism, boost energy, and reduce mood swings and cravings, all while optimizing your fertility were able to set the stage for receiving a positive pregnancy test could feel SO confident in your path to conception that you could stop the late night googling, IG searching, and Tik Tok scrolling related to fertility 

... you had at your fingertips mentorship and guidance from an expert coach - so you could feel truly confident with your plan to get pregnant

Ready to make this your reality?


The Fertility Edition, No Birth Control, Now What? 8- week live course! Your pathway to achieve all of this and more.

It's time to invest in yourself and your future. You can stop spinning your wheels and finally get the help you need to get pregnant post birth control.

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Our 3-Step Plan to Pregnancy Post Pill 

Step 1

Post Birth Control Repair 

Often overlooked on the journey to conception- this step is pivitol!  Here we can navigate nutrient depletions, support detoxification of exogenous hormones, build healthy digestion, adrenal support and more!

Step 2

Cycle Awareness

Cultivating cycle awareness is essential for healthy and fertile cycles that result in pregnancy.  Here we learn to work with the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle, explore how to lock in your fertile window, and navigate challenges like symptomatic or anovulatory cycles. 

Step 3

Metabolism Foundations 

A missing piece in your fertility journey is a Nourished Metabolism.  In order to have healthy hormones and optimal fertility, we have diet and lifestyle foundations for a healthy metabolism LOCKED into place! You will be guided through our process to get you here. 

Additional Details:

  • Over 8 weeks there will be 8 LIVE 1 hour  education calls to guide your through our 3 step plan to get pregnant post pill. 
  • Within the 8 weeks there additionally will be 3 LIVE 1 hour Q&A/coaching calls for spot coaching, Q&A, and discussion questions.
  • Each week includes downloadable handouts, activation exercises, resources
  • Private course Facebook community forum - with weekly prompted discussion questions/activations  
  • Materials include recipes inspiration and supplement considerations specific to your current state (no period, just stopped BC, egg quality, still on BC, PMS symptoms etc) that you will be able to get through Fullscript, a professional supplement dispensary we use with private clients 
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💻 What does the program include?

The [Fertility Edition] No Birth Control, Now What?  group coaching program runs for 8  weeks Live and will cover the 3 steps you need to know to support your body transitioning off birth control to prepare for healthy conception.

Whether you have just stopped birth control, are planning to stop, or having been struggling with trying to conceive (TTC) post stopping birth control.. this is the NEXT step for you.

WEEK 1:  Nourishing Your Body Post Birth Control to Prepare for Pregnancy

Introduction to the course! Learn the basics of birth control and how it can deplete nutrients within the body, leading to various deficiencies. Discover how to support your body through nutrient repletion, increasing mineral status, supplementation, and detoxification for repair and to set the stage for fertility. 

WEEK 2: Blood Sugar Balance for Fertility

One of the hallmarks of hormonal balance for fertility is balancing blood sugar. When blood sugar dips or spikes, it can be a huge physiological stress on the body. You will understand the importance of meal timing, creating a fertile plate, and eating enough to support your fertility journey.  Learn how to support blood sugar balance with actionable diet and lifestyle tools that can authentically fit into your daily life.

WEEK 3: Nutrient Seeking for Conception

What we eat has a big impact on our body, cycle health, and ability to conceive!  Get introduced to our tool kit for creating a diet that supports egg quality and supports both gut and liver health for healthy conception. Learn what foods are essential to include, what are top priorities when it comes to eating for fertility, and how to avoid common mistakes (where most women go wrong) that strain your metabolism and put pressure on your hormones.

WEEK 4: Meal Forecasting and Planning with Intention for Hormone Health

While information about eating for fertility extremely beneficial, it can be daunting to apply. Learn how to set yourself up for success by using intention to forecast meal and plan meals, applying the tools we have discussed, and trouble shooting potential challenges when making dietary changes! Don't love or have time to cook - no worries we got your back with quick go-to's here!

WEEK 5: Movement and Self Connection for Preconception

Your daily actions and thoughts have a strong impact on your body. Discover essential aspects of your lifestyle to tune into to support healthy conception post birth control and beyond!  From joyful movement,  balanced exercise for fertility, to creating daily practices that combat stress, to sleep and waking - together we will explore routines that give your hormones a boost! Creating a healthy mindset with your health and body is ALSO a part of creating sustainable healthy hormones- this will be a focus here too!

WEEK 6: Stressors that can Challenge Hormone Function and Fertility

There are various environmental and daily life stressors that can influence our hormonal picture and ability to conceive. Learn how to mitigate the effects of toxins and potential pathogens, the impact of caffeine and alcohol, how to optimize your sleep routine and circadian rhythm, and the role of emotions within the body. Discover ways to minimize physical and emotional stress to improve healthy hormone response to set yourself up for optimal fertility! 

WEEK 7: Cycle Awareness for Healthy Conception

Learning the 4 phases of the menstrual and how your body shifts throughout those windows is an important element of planning for conception. Leave with a clear understanding of the flow and function that exists within a healthy natural cycle. Here we will cover cycle tracking, what a healthy cycle should actually look like, how to navigate cycle symptoms to optimize fertility, and how to clearly identify your fertile window - friends this one is often overlooked! 

WEEK 8: Next Steps for Support and Beyond

Unlock next steps and tools for supporting your body while TTC. This includes beneficial labs and bloodwork to consider (that your doctor is likely not checking), the importance of partner health and steps for their individual testing and support, supplementation for egg quality, and potential concerns such as PCOS, thyroid health, miscarriage, and failed fertility treatments. 


  • But what if I have PCOS?
  • But what if my period does not come back?
  • But what if I am about to start or thinking about starting fertility treatments?

🤩 Plus Get These Amazing Bonuses When You Join Now!

Meal Plans & Quick Meal Inspiration 

Recipes, shopping guides, and meal plans for preconception, pregnancy, and your transition off of birth control.  Here you will have the tools to support implementation of the diet recommendations and pearls we discuss throughout the course! 

Handouts & Activations for Each Module.. + 4 Bonus Video's

Including period Report Card and Cycle/Ovulation Tracking Tools, Tool-kit for Symptomatic Cycles, Lab Testing For Up-Leveling Your Fertility Journey, Meal Planning and Meal Forecasting Templates.  Bonus videos are specific to concerns such as: 

  • But what if I have PCOS?
  • But what if my period does not come back?
  • But what if I am about to start or thinking about starting fertility treatments?

Post Birth Control & Fertility  Supplement Set-up 

Get started on the foundational supplements I recommend to my clients post birth control to support their body best in the transition while applying the diet and lifestyle strategies to support long term hormone health 

Meet Your Coach

👋 Hey, I'm Olivia, 

I am a women's health expert and I am obsessed with empowering women in their health so they can show up best and be present in the areas of their life that bring them the most joy.

In my practice I help women with period problems, PCOS, and fertility challenges. Time and time again, I can't help but observe overlapping diet and lifestyle themes that are lacking and creating the picture of fertility challenges or infertility in my clients. 

Here I have developed a set of fertility foundations that I find essential to put in place to nourish your body, support rebalancing, and guide you to reclaim your fertility.

As a functional dietitian, I have successfully helped dozens of women relieve uncomfortable symptoms and hormone related challenges (like infertility) post birth control with these practices. 

I created this program to fill a necessary need.  1:6 women are affected by infertility today.  Women need to be educated on how to support their body best for healthy hormones so they can feel their best and have awareness around how to conceive with ease when ready. 

Let's nourish your hormones, together and get your on your path to pregnancy. 

-Olivia, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP

✅ You ARE a good fit for this  course if…

• If you are interested in partnering with your body in your journey to conceive. 

• You are ready to adopt diet and lifestyle modifications to support the health of your  hormones and fertility journey.

• You are open to participating in the community, on the coaching calls, and providing feedback on the course 

• You take responsibility for your own results and understand that no program or coaching will work unless YOU do!

• You are looking for an aligned community of women moving through the same journey as you


❌ You’re NOT a good fit if…

•You’re not interested in putting time or effort into learning new skills and changing your mindset.

You’re going to bring negative energy and don’t thrive in a group environment.

•You are not ready to make diet and lifestyle modifications to your path to pregnancy.

•You do not want to get pregnant 

By the end of the [Fertility Edition]

No Birth Control, Now What? you'll...

Feel clear on how to repair your body post pill to reclaim your fertility

Reclaiming an optimal environment for fertility is often overlooked in the TTC process! Here you will get my 4 pillar plan to re-nourish and repair your body post pill.

Have confidence in understanding your cycle and how to work with it for conception!

Unlocking cycle awareness creates so much empowerment in the fertility process!  Here you can partner with your body, decode your symptoms, and create an organized plan to optimize your fertile window. 

Receive the roadmap you have been waiting for to get pregnant post pill 

In this course we will walk you step by step through education and support to build your solid  foundation for fertility. We will be highlighting topics that often get overlooked in the fertility space and can be this missing link standing between you and your successful conception.  Here you will more deeply understand what factors may be overlooked on your journey to healthy pregnancy and how you can get the  support you need!  You are innately fertile... let's help you reclaim this and get pregnant! 

My transformational promise to you...

If you join the THE FERTILITY EDITION No Birth Control, Now What? course, you’ll receive the roadmap to guide your body to fertility post birth control with diet, lifestyle, and supplemental tools.  Here you can get clear on any overlooked pieces in your fertility picture and holistic next steps for support as necessary.  In this course you can have the pathway for healthy conception in your perfect time when you are ready for it. 

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  • 12 Weekly group coaching calls covering the Attract-Convert-Serve method
  • 6 Biweekly Office Hours with Laura
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  • Lifetime access to program

Single Installment

$997 in full

Cost savings of ~$200 

🤔 FAQs

Hi, I'm Olivia.

I'm a functional RDN with a passion for helping women take a 360 approach to rebalancing and nourishing their hormones. I absolutely love working with women with PCOS, period, problems and fertility challenges  to help them relieve hormone symptoms and conceive with ease when ready

When it comes to fertility - we look at the whole picture here. Unlike other other practitioners who prioritize restriction and rigid diet and lifestyle practices, I take a realistic approach to your fertility health so you can find aligned routines that support your body best.. and put you on a path to pregnancy! 

The truth is, supporting your hormone health post birth control can be incredibly challenging. And if you don't have the tools to support your body  post birth control in reconnecting hormone communication, reducing inflammation, repleting nutrient deficiencies, and supporting the gut microbiota, NOR the diet and lifestyle foundations established in your routines for supporting healthy hormones, I see increased incidences of periods problems, digestive symptoms, acne, fatigue, and OF COURSE challenges trying to conceive. 

That's why I am so excited to create a space for you to adopt the practices to reboot your body post birth control to pave a path for successful conception and healthy pregnancy.  

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

your friend and coach,


Ok, this sounds like the right fit for me, but I a have a few questions..

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